Friday, 30 September 2016

Sunday 25 September 2016

We left Shardlow in the morning and made our way back to Trent Lock.  We dropped Sam off then headed over to the River Soar to make our way back to London.  

The afternoon was lovely and sunny so we were caught out when the heavens opened – it was only a short sharp downpour so Lou and I dived inside and left Steve outside.  I came out to take a photo of the rainbow when the rain stopped!

We decided to moor up at a place called Zouch.

Turning around at Shardlow.

Shardlow Heritage Centre.

The sun has come out - we've just dropped Sam back at Trent Lock.

Heading for the River Soar on the right.

I know the feeling!

Me and Lou...

Animal print narrowboat - it's all the fashion!

Goodbye cooling towers - we'll miss seeing you!

Anyone for a drink?

Back in the big locks

Looking behind - there are some hidden gems.
Are you alright out there in the rain!

I can sing a rainbow...

Friday 23 and Saturday 24 September 2016

We’ve had a few days at Trent Lock finishing off and getting over our week in the dry dock.
We managed to get a round of golf in today -we are moored a five minute walk from the Trent Lock Golf Centre so it would have been rude not to!  We thought it looked like a very flat course but it did have a few water hazards!  I managed to lose 6 balls and Steve did almost as well!  But it was a lovely day and nice to swing a club.

We got back to the boat early in the afternoon and waited for Lucy and Sam to arrive – Lou is spending the week with us, Sam dropped her off and stayed for a couple of nights.

We chugged down to Shardlow on Saturday and went for a drink and sampled the local Indian.

Shame Lou and Sam haven't arrived yet as we are having a lovely sunset again!

and when the sun finally went it left and amazing pink and blue sky.

Heading to Shardlow - we have to dodge the sailing boats.

Stopping for water at Sawley Locks - This cygnet decided Sam looked interesting

In fact it tried to eat his feet!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Wednesday 7 - Tuesday 20 September 2016

Sorry for the lack of blog over the last two weeks – boy have we been busy.  Back to Essex to pick up the truck so we had a vehicle with us whilst we were in the dry dock, then in the dry dock for a week and back out onto the canal bank, and the return journey to Essex to take the truck back.

When we left the dry dock on Saturday we had managed to jet wash the boat – top to bottom – get four coats of blacking on the bottom, two coats of paint on the roof, three coats of black gloss around the gunnels, a couple of coats of cream and red on the back, some green and black on the back deck, red and cream on the gas chamber cover and some more green and black on the front, three coats of green on the hatch and two coats of green on the poles and plank!!

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to do the red along the top or wash, T-cut and polish the sides but we have done that over the last couple of days, well almost - we still have to wash, T-cut and polish the other side tomorrow.

How about the weather over the last two weeks?  Tropical sunshine, 30 degrees in the shade for three days and torrential rain for at least two!!  It was so cold yesterday we lit the fire last night and then today it has been sunny and warm again.

We spent Saturday and Sunday night on the bank of the Erewash Canal and yesterday moved onto the Trent & Mersey – in the hope that we could get a TV signal but we still can’t!

Steve did an oil change today and I did ironing and housework – we then washed, T-cutted and polished one side.  All in all it’s been hard work but very satisfying.  Of course we are now terrified of scratching the paintwork again!

We are going to spend a couple of days chilling out here then we will be heading off down the River Soar homeward bound for the winter.

Leaving Sawley Marina on Friday 9 Sept - all the hire boats ready to go out - there wasn't a single boat next to us when we arrived on Tuesday!

Heading for Sawley Locks.

Well enjoy every penny - you did earn it after all!

Through the floodgates

and left into the Erewash Canal - take note of the state of the roof!

Into the dry dock at Mills Dockyard on Saturday - we didn't realise it was a double dry dock and that we would be sharing it with another boat before we got here - thankfully it all worked out ok!

The water is draining out - look at those battle scars!

In need of some TLC - oh and yes it is raining!

saying hi to the new neighbours.

hello Mr Robin!

Steve was merrily jet washing the roof forgetting that the vents and hatch are not watertight - by the time I got him to stop we were already on flood alert! 

The mop up operation!

Hope it stops raining - it doesn't matter whilst the jet washing is happening.

Sunday morning - the sun shines down on the righteous!

Definitely ready for a paint.

Tatty bum!

A couple of days later - a couple of coats on the bottom and the next bit primed ready for the gloss.

8.00am Saturday 17 September - Getting ready to float again - we've missed the rocking.  

Nice shinny new nose!

Water's rising slowly.

The red bits still waiting to be done - I went over the edges a bit with the roof!

Look at that tidy backside!

Kingfisher Boatyard - The June Rose was born here in June 2008.

Monday 19 September - it has rained a lot today and it's cold and damp outside - but as warm as toast in here!

Misty morning - look at that nice clean roof and red lines!

The power station looks quite spectacular this morning!

Painted and polished - look at that shine!

Admiring our hard work!

Steve's made a new friend - he stayed with us for a couple of hours!

Enjoying a beer on the back deck watching the sun go down - how different to last night!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Tuesday 6 September 2016

Relieved that we have made good time we allowed ourselves a slightly later start today 8.30am.  We have booked into Sawley Marina for the next three nights.  Mum and Dad are coming to pick us up tomorrow so we can go back and get the truck so we have a vehicle for our week in the dry dock.

We arrived at Shardlow Lock which is the first double lock we have been through in ages.  The CRT have volunteers on hand as it is the first lock that a lot of hire-boaters arrive at when they pick up their boats at Shardlow.  One of the volunteers was nearly 80 and a great character – it must keep him fit too as the paddles and gates are pretty heavy!

Through Shardlow and the sun is shining which makes it look really pretty, one more lock then out on the wide bit at Sawley Cut – back on the river.  Then we see Sawley Marina on the right hand side.  

We can relax for the afternoon now.  I set off for a walk in search of a shop, after walking a mile in the wrong direction I turn back and eventually get to Long Eaton where there is a Co-Op – good enough for a bit of fruit and some mince for a spag bol!

Nice morning as the sun comes up over the trees.

Troubled bridge over water.

hundreds of seagulls enjoying the newly harvested field.

Waiting for the lock to fill.

I didn't realise terrapins lived in the canals but this is the second time I have seen them.

It's a lovely morning in Shardlow

This building triggers memories of when the boat was built near here.

Out onto Sawley Cut.

Arriving at Sawley Marina on the right.