Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Friday 30 September 2016

Another early start - we want to do as much today as possible as it is forecast to rain all day tomorrow.

We set off at 9am with the intention of cruising until 6pm but we stopped at Weedon at 4.45pm as there was a Tesco and we needed a few supplies.

We did 14 locks today two lots of seven, the first being right next to the M1 by Watford Gap services - the times you drive along that stretch of motorway (or rather sit in traffic through the 50mph speed restriction) and you wouldn't even know the canal was there nestled behind the trees.

The second seven locks were after we had turned left at Norton Junction.  We met another boat at the first lock which was handy until the woman decided to drive straight into Steve when leaving the lock because she wanted to go first as she has no reverse gear on the boat!  I went ahead to set the next lock so missed all the excitement (thankfully!).  Anyway they decided to continue with us.

Unfortunately there was another boat in front of us going in the same direction so I helped them get through the locks so I could refill it for us.  This is the good thing about having an extra crew member!  One person can go ahead and set the locks.

I was closing the lock behind them, dropping a paddle when suddenly the windlass was whipped out of my hand spinning through the air and splash…in the canal.  We tried to dig around with the boat hook once we were through but it was too deep so no joy.  It is the first thing we have lost this year so I don’t feel too bad!

Setting off at 9am.

Love the snoozing otter!

Curious cows - they were all just standing there staring at this boat!

Crick Tunnel - 1528 yards.  I think I prefer the staircases to the tunnels.

Another boat following us through the tunnel.

Queuing to go down the Watford Locks - there are five boats in front of us and two already coming up the flight.

You steer Lou and I'll hang onto the rope.

Waiting our turn.

And we're off - the M1 is behind the trees on the right!

Half way down.

Looking back up - there we are coming out of the fourth lock.

Getting closer to London - the River Rats are out in force.

He is still there - still made me jump when we came under the bridge!

More Rolands - this place was empty last year!

Land Barge!

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