Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Tuesday 27 September 2016

It’s not raining!!  We need to get through Leicester, we are going to meet Lucy’s friends, Al and Shirl tomorrow for lunch so have found a place in the book where there is a pub, just on the outskirts of Leicester, so not too far for them to come.

As we were untying to leave the boat moored behind us said do you mind if we come through the locks with you, we asked where they were heading for and they said Kilby Bridge too.

Lovely couple – NOT husband and wife – just friends as Steph kept telling us.  It was her boat – a beautiful replica tug.  Mike her friend was 81 and she was 68 – incredible.  She usually cruises alone so every lock she was up the ladder closing the gates and sorting the boat out.

They were really good company – they enjoyed having us to help out too.  As we left Limekiln Lock we could see that Steph was kicking up the bottom of the canal as her boat is a lot heavier than ours.  

Mike and I went head to get North Lock set and open.  Once we had we were waiting and waiting for the boats to come in then I could see Steve under the bridge looking like he was struggling, I then realised that he was towing Steph!  Every time she put her Tug into gear it sunk lower and got stuck on the bottom.  With Lou standing on the front of Steph’s boat with the rope we eventually got them into the lock.

Thankfully once through this lock the canal was much deeper so happy cruising. 

We got a system going towards the end – Lou and Mike would let them out of the locks and I decided I needed some exercise so went ahead and got the next locks ready.  Sixteen locks later we arrived at Kilby Bridge at around 5.00pm – another long day cruising.

We decided to go for a drink to see what the pub was like – not that we had any choice as it was the only one around for miles!  Once we got inside Steph and Mike were in there and insisted on buying us a drink as they would have still been stuck back at North Lock and Steve helped Steph clear the cardigan and plastic that was stuck around her prop.  We spent a couple of hours with them swapping stories.

Leaving Birstall heading for Leicester.

That'll be the National Space Centre!

Steph and her Tug - Raven.

Steve stays with the boats, the rest of us are fighting over doing the locks!

Town Heron.

Some old classics - a capri and cortina!

Mike walking back down to see what the hold up is.

Towing the tug!

Well done guys - now you're in the lock we'll fill it up!

Nice graffiti!

Good name!

Leicester City Football Club.

Stranded Seagull.

I'm forever blowing bubbles!

Steve de-robing Steph's prop - no wonder she was going nowhere - today it was wearing a cardigan!

I hope I'm still running up and down ladders when I am 68!

Close to home!

Wakey wakey Captain - no sleeping on the job...

Where did you get that hat...?

Arriving at Kilby Bridge - looks pretty packed but we'll get on the end over on the right once we have used the facilities.

Looking back - lots of boats here but it is the obvious place to stop once through Leicester.

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