Thursday, 6 October 2016

Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October 2016

No rain first thing so we got going with the waterproofs at the ready.  We stopped to fill up with diesel at the place we stopped at last year and it was still one of the cheapest on the canal! 

No locks today just 11 miles and the Blissworth Tunnel which is 3057 yards long. 

We had been going for just over an hour when we had to dash below in shifts to put on our waterproof gear!  At least it meant that when we were in the tunnel we were ready for the wet bits!

Just through the other side and we found a spot (about 58 foot long) to moor – Steve’s mooring skills are second to none now.  He goes just past the spot and reverses the back in – I then jump off with the centre line and pull it in the rest of the way.  The chap behind was good enough to move back a little so we didn’t keep bumping into him once we were tied up.

Once settled we went for a drink in each pub to assess which looked best for lunch with mum and dad on Sunday.  We decided on the Boat Inn and booked a table.  A couple of drinks later we grabbed a takeaway from the Indian Restaurant and went back to light the fire!

Sunday mum and dad came to take Lou home.  It was lovely to see them and it’s going to be quiet without my little sis around.

Misty start to the morning.

Morning puss - they are unusual face markings!

Well good for you.

This boat is getting ready for halloween.

Interesting name and interesting picture!

We followed this guy moving his block of flats - he then pulled over to let us pass!

Another boat ready for Halloween!


A bluetit nesting in the wall.

There's Sweet William again - let's give Bill and Jenny a bib and wave as we go by.

Back at Gayton Junction - London is only a couple of weeks away! 

A scuff on our new cream paint! 

Into Blissworth Tunnel- 3057 yards long.

That's a boat coming towards us - it doesn't look like there is enough room to pass - but there is...just!

And out the other end.

Good to see the blacksmith is still open for business.

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