Monday, 17 October 2016

Monday 10 October 2016

We have booked a mooring at the London Canal Museum in Battlebridge Basin for tonight so have a goal to aim for.  It also takes the stress out of finding somewhere we would be happy to moor and if there is any space.

We left our mooring at Bulls Bridge at 7.20am.  Lovely bright morning and oh so fresh!  There was a lorry driver having a wash under the outside tap….!  By the time we got to Camden Locks at 11.45am we were frozen solid – I got off the boat in the second lock to help the volunteers and could barely walk! 

We went through St Pancras Lock opposite the new development where apartments have been built inside the gasometers – I wonder how much they cost.

We arrived at Battlebridge Basin at 2.00pm, lit the fire and had a nice hot shower.  We then went to meet our old neighbours Graeme and Keith in the Parcelyard in Kings Cross Station –  it was lovely to see them and nice that we only had a five minute walk home! 

Three point turn and off down the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union.

I've never noticed the lighthouse before - I think it is just a company logo - Sure Guard.  Can you feel how cold it is this morning!

Towpath 'nikers!

Traffic jam on the North Circular.

Back in life raft land - you don't see these up north at all.

Past the cemetery at Kensal Rise. 


Arriving at Little Venice.

Interesting - this is probably the most expensive mooring in London - what is this used for?

Through Maida Hill Tunnel - quick wave to the people having breakfast in the restaurant above!

Past London Zoo - I think this is a dingo?

And of course the huge Avery.

Photo Shoot!

Hi Amy.

Arriving at Camden Locks.

In the bottom lock - I'm back on board - there were three volunteers at these locks so limited help needed!

The new development at St Pancras Lock - making use of the Victorian Gasometers.

The floating library - good to see it is still going.

Arriving in Battlebridge Basin.

And our mooring outside the Museum.

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