Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Tuesday 11 October 2016

Lovely peaceful night in Battlebridge Basin.  The sun is shining and the sky is blue.  We said goodbye to Jono who looks after the residential moorings in the basin and set off at 9.00am.

Through the Islington Tunnel and a little way down the canal we saw Martin who I used to work with - he has a narrowboat called Mrs B – we saw the boat in Hungerford last summer then bumped into him on board in Hertford last October.

We can’t believe how many boats there are moored in every possible available bit of space heading out of London.  Many boats are moored two abreast, look like they haven’t got licences and nearly all of them have seen better days.

At 4.00pm we decided to call it a day – we were heading for Cheshunt but started to worry that we would get there and there wouldn’t be any available space to moor so we stopped just before Ramey Marsh lock opposite the permanent moorings.  There are plenty of boats moored along the towpath side too.

Another beautiful morning - the sun definitely shines more in the South than it does in the North!

Through Islington Tunnel - 960 yards.

Egyptian Geese - haven't seen any of these for a while.

Must be a big dog living on board!

Little Autumn tree in Victoria Park.

Looking back at the City.

I see this balcony is still full of plastic bags!

West Ham United - making use of the Olympic Park.

Tottenham Lock - Somebody is sleeping in there.

And in there - we spoke to a CRT guy who said you would amazed at how many people are living on the towpath.

New buses.

There are two guys working away here - what a mess.

The Waterways office at Enfield.

We shared Enfield Lock with this guy - well he stayed on the boat and let me do all the work!  He did get off to close the gate though!

That's a handy bench over there!

Ramey Marsh Lock - we'll spend the night here.

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