Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Monday 26 September 2016

We left Zouch knowing that it was going to rain today and no sooner had we pulled pins it did just that!  But we were ready – we had our waterproofs on.  We are heading for Leicester but have been advised not to moor in the centre so we are going to stop before we get too close.

We stopped in a place called Birstall as there is a shop there.  We stopped quite early as we had had enough of chugging in the rain.  Lou and I walked to the Co-Op to pick up some more supplies and we hunkered down for the night.

Leaving Zouch 

The canal is lined with these little holiday places around Loughborough. 

Followed by some not so little places!!  The Grand Union dips in and out of the River Soar - it reminds me a bit of parts of the River Thames.

Mind the paint on the locks - funny how you feel when you have spent all that time painting the boat when before we would say "well it is a contact sport" when you hit a wall or lock gate.

Sharp left into the Leicester Arm

It always amazes me how tight the turns are - there's always somewhere to leave a bit of paint behind!! 

Going down!

OK the lock's open - stop chatting and get those boats in here!

Interesting choice of wall decoration.

There's a fine looking bridge.

More new development down by the canal.

Around the bend and under the fine looking bridge - they new how to build bridges in 1860. 

We must be on a river stretch as there's a weir over there.

Steve was convinced this was a pigeon....I don't think so!

Through the fairy woods.

It's still raining so we'll wait for the lock under this road bridge!

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